Aliya Capital hosts calls with public company management teams, supplimenting large institutional investors interactions with public companies.

Questions are submitted by attendees and asked by the moderator while participants remain in listen-only mode. This unique format eliminates duplicate questions, keeping calls organized and productive.

Events are based on clients' requests, augmenting their internal management access.

Management teams are able to leverage their time by interacting with multiple funds at once. ACG is not compensated by the companies for hosting calls or have investment banking.

In order to maintain the highest compliance standards, all events are scheduled through and approved by the company's IR department.

After each call, Aliya publishes a short summary of the call highlighting the key points.

During an average quarter, Aliya Capital hosts more than 65 events with large public companies in the TMT sector.

A list of the the previous year's 250+ hosted calls is available upon request.

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