Ari Shrage founded Aliya Capital in 2009 after spending more than 10 years as a buyside analyst and portfolio manager.

While on the buyside, he worked at multiple mutual funds and hedge funds covering the technology sector. Ari has experienced multiple bull/bear markets, starting in the industry prior to the "dot com" crash. Having worked at both long term mutual funds and actively managed hedge funds allows Ari to provide a unique buyside perspective on investing.

Aliya Capital maintains a limited client base in order to give customers the attention they deserve.

Clients include mutual funds and hedge funds based in New York, Southern Connecticut, San Francisco, Boston, Providence, Omaha, Denver, Florida, Minneapolis, London and Cape Town.

Mr. Shrage received a BA from Columbia University and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School.

Aliya Capital is headquartered in White Plains, NY.